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Bungalow Loft Conversion by Loft Conversions Gloucester

Contact Loft Conversions Gloucester if you're looking to add a loft conversion to your Gloucester bungalow. With the help of a loft conversion specialist from Loft Conversions Gloucester, you can reach for the stars – or at least the sky – with a bungalow conversion. If you are considering converting your bungalow with a loft conversion, there are several routes that you can take so call Loft Conversions Gloucester today to find out more.

Converting Your Bungalow Loft In Gloucester

Any bath or shower room that is part of a loft conversion will also need to be fitted with an extractor fan to improve ventilation. How much a bungalow loft conversion from Loft Conversions Gloucester costs depends on the scale of the job, and also the style of conversion you are looking to add.

Before you can go ahead with your bungalow loft conversion, you will need to get comprehensive plans drawn up, either by an architect, or by an architectural technician, or surveyor, laying out the design for the project. Six to eight weeks is the average length of time for a bungalow loft conversion, but it is worth bearing in mind that the planning stage can also take a considerable amount of time, especially if planning permission is required and a party wall agreement needs to be negotiated.

Building Regulations For Your Gloucester, Gloucestershire Loft Conversion

Building regulations are necessary for many home projects, and it is no different with bungalow loft conversions. Permitted Development rights are removed for loft conversions exceeding the 40m3 to 50m3 space allowance, in conservation areas and in other designated zones, so you'll always need full planning consent in here.

Because CO2 emissions are such a major concern in today's environment and so you will need to provide a high level of insulation to your roof as part of your loft conversion. Don't forget about roof insulation when it comes to a loft conversion in your bungalow.

Loft Conversions Gloucester Bungalow Loft Conversion

Our loft conversion services include feasibility studies and planning applications, building information and modelling, design and build, project management and interior design. Loft Conversions Gloucester have over 20 years experience and over 500 loft conversions completed in the Gloucester area.

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